In partnership with the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council, WISE disseminated information within our wide network of female founders and nominated candidates for a Cherie Blair Foundation’s mentoring program.

This is an annual program offering Vietnamese entrepreneurs, who are with passion, drive and commitment, an opportunity to work with international mentors and make progress on their business and professional development goals.

This year, the mentorship lasts for 12 months, from November, 2017 to November, 2018.

Mentors aren’t business advisors or consultants, but rather thought partners and sounding boards. They will likely be a professional with interest and experience in the areas that mentees want to focus on. They won’t be from the same sector with mentees, but will be a great source of support, encouragement, motivation and guidance.

The mentorship:

  • Requires mentees a commitment to meeting with their mentors at least two hours every month, responding promptly to messages, setting goals for their work together and sending weekly email updates to the mentors.
  • Includes one-on-one meetings with a dedicated mentor for at least two hours a month
  • Is suitable for women entrepreneurs at all stages and business sizes. Some women have 10+ employees and have been in business for decades, while others run smaller operations and are just getting started
  • Is conducted online (using Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.)
  • Focuses on short- and long-term objectives that were agreed by both mentors and mentees.
  • Offers professional development and training opportunities
  • Grants membership in a vibrant, global community where mentees can network with businesspeople.
  • Gives mentees access to a private online platform and resource centre
  • Provides startups with support from the Foundation’s team and Mentoring Women in Business Community
  • Honours participants with a special title, certificate from Cherie Blair, involvement in local events and more
  • Requires that mentees complete four short feedback questionnaires during the programme.

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